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At Global Building Maintenance (GBM) we are specialists in the maintenance and optimisation of building facility services.

Our own service model has a high technological component (computer and electronic) and adapts to the needs of each of our clients in a completely flexible and transparent manner.

Thanks to our great team of experienced professionals, we offer our clients agile and effective solutions for every possible need. As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we are therefore committed to providing an excellent service.


We assume responsibility for our work and our team, offering our own model of highly qualified and technological service.


We build a multidisciplinary team tailored to the needs of each project, acquiring a commitment and working in an agile, efficient and transparent way to obtain the expected results.

Commitment to the company itself, to customers, to employees as well as to the environment and society.


We adapt our work model to the needs of each client, fulfilling our commitments 100%, always proposing fast and effective solutions.


We provide a differentiated value, integrating several services and designing a customised solution for your company, so that you can free up resources and increase efficiency in your business through a sustainable and adaptable model.